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    Nanjing Julong is good at plastics modification,more details in Made-in-China.

Nanjing Julong Science & Technology Co.,LTD

Company File

Nanjing Julong Science & Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in April 1999, when called as Nanjing Julong Chemical Industrial Co. ,Ltd. It was revised to the current name since September 2009. Nanjing Jufeng Advanced Materials Co., Ltd, the subsidiary company of Julong,  is specialized in high-performance wood-plastic composites.

Julong is the expertise on modifying engineering plastics, and now owns more than 400 modified plastics, including PA66, PA6, PP, LFT, ABS,PBT and PC, which are in excellent performances. Julong plastics are widely utilized in the fields of automobile, high speed railway, electronic appliance, power tooling, equipment,  sports and recreations.  

The company is awarded as the High - and - new Technology Enterprise of Jiangsu Province. Julong Research Institute provides and underlies platform for professional research, personnel training, and commercialization of research findings. The company has got the certificate of 1809001 :2000 and ISO/TS16949:2002. 

Jufeng manufactures wood-plastic composites with forestry and agricultural residues such as rice hulls, straws and sawmillings. WPC combines the properties of plastic and wood, usually used to substitute wood. PVC sheets have excellent properties of weatherability, corrosion resistance and di?mensional stability. Thus they are durable, heat-retaining and energy-efficient even in tough conditions.

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